• The revolutionary tool for developers...

    The professional tool to recover and decode your code. Supporting ionCube, Zend, Nu-Coder, bCompiler, Adobe Flash and all PHP-based encoding.

  • Simple demonstration of iDezender...

    Check out this video about our product iDezender. In this video we will demonstrate decoding of a Zend encoded PHP file.


Are you a web developer?

Tired of strict, closed and fishy web scripts? Decode it now, free yourself using iDezender.


Fully working with Windows OS, from XP to Windows 8.1 both X86 and X64.

iDezender is developed and designed for Windows. Without requiring frameworks or other dependencies.

  • .NET Framework not required.
  • Java environment not required.
  • Native Windows executables.

Sideload iDezender on your Macintosh system.

iDezender is compatible with Wine. Simply wrap iDezender using WineBottler and you are ready to run.

  • No dependencies required.
  • Retina display supported.
  • Fast as on Windows.

Run iDezender on virtualized operation systems.

iDezender will run fine on VMWare, VirtualBox, KVM, Xen etc.

  • Dedicated kernel required.
  • Harddisk required.
  • Fast as on Windows.

Advanced cloud system provides an independent application.

iDezender is a so called cloud application. The technical stuff is done in the cloud on our servers.

  • Internet connection required.
  • Active license required.
  • Compatible with one system.

We have several options for you.

The default iDezender license is for all developers, but we have made a special iDezender without any license checks. This version is 400% faster, and perfect for business customers. Optionally you can upgrade from previous versions for a small fee.
Place the order, and contact us if you want to pay using Bitcoin.

iDezender License

Allowed Systems

1 IP


3 X




iDezender Business

Allowed Systems


Reissues Not Needed





Upgrade iDezender

Upgrade from





Our partners admire our work!

Below you see the companies that developed our targeting products. These are reputable companies with a lot of experience in the encoding world.

Press Logo
Press Logo
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You've got questions, we've got answers!

We all know that these kind of products are expensive, but compared to our competition we are the cheapest! Some examples are: Decry.pt ($8 per file), Dezender.net (€5 per file), Unzend.com ($2000 for decoder), EasyToYou.eu (stolen iDezender 8.x).

Do you offer a refund?

NO, we do not offer any refund. The sales are final. When ordering you will have to agree with our PayPal terms.

How can I pay?

You can pay with PayPal, Payza and Bitcoin. We offer $50 discount when you pay with Bitcoin. We only accept verified PayPal and Payza payments. Refunds not possible.

What can iDezender decode?

ionCube 3.X-8.3 (Up to PHP 5.3), Zend 4.X-5.3 (Up to PHP 5.3), Nu-Coder 1-2 (Up to PHP 5.2), PHP encodings without loader, Adobe Flash (All Versions).

Licensed and Expired files?

iDezender does does NOT support expired, server locked or licensed encoded files.

What is AutoFixer?

AutoFixer is a new tool build into iDezender, this feature allows you to fix and format a target directory. Most PHP errors will be fixed.

License and Cloud system?

Since version 9.x we have implemented an advanced cloud based engine. iDezender packs your target files, sends them to our cloud, we decode it and return the results. During this action, your system will be validated on our licensing system. Therefore you can only run iDezender on ONE computer.

You want to see it first? Test your file now!

Using this form you may test your files. This demo decode only supports ONE files. Before you upload you MUST zip your file, this is to prevent corruption.